About the Qualification 

Numeracy is a vital skill needed by people in their everyday lives.

The aim of this programme is to enable learners to use skills in a variety of situations and provide a firm basis for further study in mathematics, vocational courses, or in finding employment.

City & Guilds has developed units and qualifications align to the principles outlined in the Skills Funding Agency statement of February 2012:

a focus on the core mathematical skills needed to enable learners to progress towards achieving an A*-C GCSE or Level 2 Functional Mathematics qualification

The qualifications comprise a broad range of small units, each underpinned by the National Standards for Adult Numeracy (QCA, 2005), and mapped to the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum (DfES, 2001 – reviewed and later revised 2007) and have been mapped to the Functional Skills and GCSE subject criteria.

The Mathematics Skills qualifications cover the ability to:

  • understand and use mathematical information
  • calculate and manipulate mathematical information
  • interpret results and communicate mathematical information.

Make It Yours- Who Is this for?

The City &Guilds Maths (3750) programme is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities from pupils at school to adults  who  wish to improve their skills and may be looking to a fresh start in employment.

Description and Programme Structure

The programme is structured in four stages with continuous progression of mathematical/ number concept and skills with  everyday applications demonstrated through practical examples.

Stage 1. Introduces basic concepts and skills which are developed and added to in subsequent stages (stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3). At Stage 4 a sufficient range of general mathematical concepts and skills will have been acquired to give a firm basis for progressing to further study or for applying  higher mathematical skills to everyday life.

Preparation for Examination

The programme duration is 20 hours. 10 hours of contact time (face to face with the tutor) and 10 hours of I²RQ e-learning, Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

The examination dates are scheduled in the following months: May, June and December each year

Course Duration

Level 1………………………..( 1 Academic year)

Level 2……………………… ( 1 Academic year)

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for candidates

undertaking these qualifications.

However, all applicants  will be subjected to a Maths and English entry  test.

The diagnostic test result will determine the level candidates are eligible to pursue.

However, Candidates must have the  level of to progress to the appropriate level , in order to the gain the qualifications successfully.

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How do I know that my qualification will be worthwhile?

City & Guilds is an internationally known awarding organization that has led vocational education and training in the United Kingdom for more than 100 years. These qualifications are made under out Royal Charter (1900) in a similar way to the degrees conferred by Universities. Based on the statements derived from the views of the employers the qualifications describe competencies that apply in a wide range of occupations.


Why  choose IIRQ?


  • Flexible learning and assessment
  • Flexible payment schemes
  • Professional Atmosphere / environment
  • Qualified lectures
  • No strict Qualification entry requirements –experience is considered for entering